We have been cheating… (incl. a special bonus for you)

Cape Town Health Scene

Have you been wondering why you haven’t heard from us for a while? Yes, we know we haven’t been in touch lately. We apologize. But everything has a reason and so does our silence. We think it is quite a good reason and we’d love to share it with you today.

Guilty as charged

I have been cheating. Guilty as charged. On The Green Smoothie Company that is. I have found a new love and it has taken up all my time and focus for a little while now. You all know me as the Green Smoothie lady but – even though that is still a part of who I am – a new interest has arisen. And it actually relates closely to The Green Smoothie Company’s vision:

“We want to get people excited about their health again. We want to counterbalance the fast-food lifestyle that is so prominent in SA. People think healthy food is boring, tasteless, time consuming and expensive. We want to change that perception. We want people to feel proud, strong, beautiful and energised through eating healthily. And we want to be there right with them giving them the inspiration, motivation and tools they need to keep going.”

The emphasis in the vision above is on TOOLS. I am busy developing a tool that should make life a lot easier for us health-conscious Capetonians. More about that beneath. But first a little bit of background on why I think there is a need for this tool.

My best buddy Google

When I moved to Cape Town in early 2013 I was expecting a wide availability of health shops. After all Cape Town is Western, metropolitan & full of skinny models. I went to my best buddy Google and tried to discover all this beautiful city had to offer in terms of health-related products, services & businesses. Wow, what a disappointment! Google normally told me everything I could ever think of wanting to know, but in this case hardly taught me anything. Very few businesses popped up, and even fewer that I didn’t already know.

So this means I was – like all health nuts with me – 100% reliant upon finding the healthy places in this city myself. Through word of mouth from friends, accidental drive-by’s, and via random blog posts hidden in the maze that is the world wide web. And this is precisely what I have done the last 2 years or so. Now I have a pretty good idea what is on offer in Cape Town (although new things are opening up all the time so really keeping up to date is an almost impossible task).

Get your healthy on

Now this experience wasn’t beautiful nor easy. It actually annoyed me quite a lot that people would have to work so hard to ‘get their healthy on.’ Shouldn’t it be easy to live healthy? Shouldn’t it be encouraged instead of hidden? Shouldn’t it be in your face (like McDonald’s is)?

Cape Town Health Scene

They always say ‘Be The Change You Want To See In The World.” And I took that to heart. Enter the stage: Cape Town Health Scene. Cape Town Health Scene is the new project that has been taking up all my time and energy over the past couple of months.

Cape Town Health Scene is still under construction, but is scheduled to launch on the 1st of December. It will be an online lifestyle guide for the health-conscious Capetonian such as yourself (and myself 🙂 ). The website will be a combination of several elements, but the 2 we are starting with – and that are completely FREE for you to use – are:

  1. A directory of health-related businesses in and around Cape Town for you to discover new places, products, services, ideas, foods, etc.
  2. A healthy-lifestyle blog written by a Capetonian about what’s happening in and around Cape Town. This blog will share with you the latest trends, reviews, new products and businesses. It will teach you a thing or two, inspire you, and generally encourage you to keep going strong on the path of health, wellness, and self-development.

Bye bye!

The sad news is that I have decided to devote myself 100% to Cape Town Health Scene and this means that soon The Green Smoothie Company will be no more. But you mustn’t worry too much. One of the first categories in Cape Town Health Scene’s directory is ‘Juice Bars.’ So we will point you into the right direction for another source of great juices & smoothies.

Sign up & win

If you would like to know more about Cape Town Health Scene, and/or if you want to get your hands on the last of the Green Smoothies that we will make then head over to www.capetownhealthscene.com. Subscribe to be notified of our official launch. And invite your friends to signup too via the unique URL that will be allocated to you. You and your friends can win some great The Green Smoothie Company prices!


To show our appreciation for your continued support during the past 2 years or so we want to give you as a newsletter subscriber something extra. Therefore we have brought to life a special bonus just for you: with each price-tier that you reach we will add 1 Green Smoothie litre for you & the same applies to your friends who sign up via your unique URL. So your possible prices look like this:

4th Price (when you & 5 or more of your friends sign up):
The Green Smoothie Company Recipes eBook (value: R79.95) + 1 BONUS litre
3rd Price (when you & 10 or more of your friends sign up):
The 4th price* plus a starter set with (total value: R129.90) + 1 BONUS litre
2nd Price (when you & 15 or more of your friends sign up?:
The 3rd price* plus 2 litres of Green Smoothie (total value: R329.80) + 1 BONUS litre
1st Price (when you & 20 or more of your friends sign up):
The 2nd price* plus R400 off an OmniBlend blender (total value: R729.80) + 1 BONUS litre

I want to thank you for joining me on my Green Smoothie journey, and hope that you will follow me over to Cape Town Health Scene. I look forward to serving you there just as well as I did here.

With love,
Linda Vels.

PS. If you have reached this article via one of our social media channels, and are currently not a subscriber to our newsletter, don’t worry. Just subscribe here still so that we can trace you and you too will be entitled to the extra bonus.

* Excluding the bonus.

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