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OmniBlend I blender 1.5 litre + FREE eBook

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OmniBlend I blender with 1.5 litre jug

If you’d like to start making Green Smoothies for yourself regularly you are not going to require much, but you should invest in a quality heavy duty commercial grade 3HP blender. A typical home-use blender simply cannot handle the excessive use. I know that from experience as I have gone through a fair share of them. In hindsight I wish I had bought myself a proper blender from the start so that I could have saved a few bucks.

So what are the big advantages of a professional blender?

  1. A professional blender does not overheat; you can keep blending until your Green Smoothie is done.
  2. A professional blender pulls the ingredients into the powerful vortex it creates with its 3HP engine. No stopping, starting, stopping, starting required. Saving you a lot of frustration and time. And if it still needs some assistance you can push the ingredients down with the plunger (included) while operating.
  3. A professional blender is much more durable than a home-use blender. Prior to upgrading the average home-use blender would last me about 2 months before burning out.
  4. The Green Smoothie’s texture is much smoother when made in a professional blender. The blades spin around much faster and are of superior quality. That means no chunky bits in your Green Smoothies (anymore).
  5. Professional blenders can make much more than only Green Smoothies. It is a great investment for making your own soups, nut milks, sauces, etc. It is such a versatile machine.

Why do we recommend the OmniBlend blenders?The Green Smoothie Company's OmniBlend I Green Smoothie blender.

After doing elaborate research when our company was established I discovered there are a lot of price differences in the offerings out there. I wanted a blender that I knew would be strong enough, was fairly priced, sourced from a local company, had a warranty in case of any problems, and had BPA free jugs. The OmniBlend I came out as the winner. We purchased it mid 2013 and it has been serving us well ever since. We like it so much we have lovingly nicknamed it ‘The Beast.’

Should I choose the OmniBlend I or V?

The technical specs of both blenders are the same. It is the manner in which the blenders can be operated that differs. And it depends on your personal preferences which one is better suited to your needs. Do you want full control like we do? Then choose the OmniBlend I as you are manually controlling the speed of the blender with the dial in the centre. Do you like to just push a button and have the blender do all the work automatically? Then choose the OmniBlend V which has build in timers that make it super easy for you to operate.

Should I choose the 1.5 litre or the 2 litre jug?BPA free OmniBlend blender jugs.

As a guideline we would advise you to get a 1.5 litre jug if you are going to be using it just for yourself. If you have family members, roommates, friends or others that would also like to partake then a bigger jug would make sense for you. The 2 litre jug is then the perfect alternative. And don’t worry both jugs are BPA free.


When you purchase an OmniBlend blender from The Green Smoothie Company you’ll receive a FREE copy of The Green Smoothie Company’s Recipes eBook via email. It contains all our 5 much loved recipes. You can start making Green Smoothies straight away and you’ll be assured that they’ll come out great. We help you take the guesswork out of it until you are comfortable to start experimenting with your own favourite fruit & veg combinations. Get your own OmniBlend blender today!


Only private individuals will receive a FREE copy of our eBook upon purchasing one of our blenders. Businesses are excluded from this bonus.


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