Fresh readymade Green Smoothies

Can I place a Green Smoothie order?

Yes, you can if you reside or work in the greater Cape Town area. Our Green Smoothies are exclusively available to Capetonians due to the fact that their perishable nature makes it impossible to ship them nationally. Our DIY products are available nationwide though. Have a look at our selection here if you are keen to make them yourself.

By when should I have placed my order?

We place our fresh produce orders with our suppliers every Monday at 18h00, and they deliver to us on Tuesday. That way all the goodies are ready to go for production on Wednesday. So for your Green Smoothie to be included in Wednesday’s production, and delivered / collected on Thursday, we need to have received your order before 18h00 on Monday evening.

When will my Green Smoothie be made?

Wednesday is our production day. This means that your Green Smoothie will be about 24hrs young by the time it reaches you on Thursday. When we say fresh we do mean fresh!

When will my Green Smoothies be delivered?

We deliver your Green Smoothies during business hours on Thursdays. If you are at work during this time then we’ll gladly bring your order to your workplace.

What is the delivery fee for Green Smoothies?

We base our delivery fee on the distance between us and you. We use the Cape Town postal code system to determine the different areas:

R 29.00: 7700, 7915, 7925 & 8001
R 39.00: 7405, 7708, 7764 & 7780
R 49.00: 7441, 7460, 7800 & 8005
R 59.00: 7500


R 69.00: 7806 & 7945
R 79.00: 7530
R 89.00: 7550, 7560, 7570 & 7579
R 99.00: 7975, 7979 & 7985

If you would like to save some money on delivery then you could also choose to collect your order for free on Thursdays from our office in The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town

When can I come collect my Green Smoothie?

If you’d like to come to our office on Thursdays to collect your Green Smoothies (and save on the delivery fee) you can come as soon as you have received an email from us stating that your order is complete.

Why can't I place a Green Smoothie order if I'm not staying in the greater Cape Town area?

We produce a fresh, perishable product. Unfortunately that is the kind of product that is hard to ship medium- to long distance as it requires constant refridgeration. The cost of refridgerated transport is simply too high to make national deliveries feasible.

How do I keep my Green Smoothie?

We pride ourselves on offering you a 100% natural, fresh, raw and vegan product. This means that our Green Smoothies can be kept in the refridgerator for up to 4 days. Should you want to keep your Green Smoothie for longer then just pop it into the freezer. There it will be fine for up to 2 months.


DIY products

When can I expect my blender to be delivered and what is the delivery fee?

Our blenders ship for free throughout South Africa. From the moment of dispatch it usually takes between 2 – 5 days to arrive at your door.

When can I expect my books to be delivered and what is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee is R 49.00 per order, but when your order has a value of R 499 or more then delivery is free. From the moment of dispatch it usually takes between 10 – 16 days for the books to arrive at your door.



What are The Green Smoothie Company's Terms & Conditions?

Please click here to view our Terms & Conditions.

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