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Initially The Green Smoothie Company was only offering readymade Green Smoothies to our customers right here in Cape Town. But every now and then we would get an email from someone asking why they couldn’t place an order with us. So time and time again we had to explain that unfortunately a fresh product like a Green Smoothie cannot be shipped long distance without losing its quality. We felt bad though to let these people down, and we started thinking about a way that we could help them. This lead to the birth of our DIY product section in early December 2014. We now offer DIY Green Smoothie products that can be shipped nationwide so that all South Africans can make Green Smoothies a part of their life.


Thé most crucial piece of equipment when making Green Smoothies is a powerful blender. Your standard ‘home use’ blender just won’t survive long when you start making Green Smoothies regularly. The engine isn’t made for excessive use. So they tend to overheat, and within a few weeks or – if you are lucky – a few months you are running to the shop again to buy a new one (I’m speaking out of personal experience). So if you are serious and dedicated to making Green Smoothies a part of your life then invest in a commercial grade blender such as the OmniBlend blenders that we offer. They have a great balance between price and quality and come with a standard 3 year warranty!


Should you want to get some inspiration for making 5 wonderfully tasty and healthy Green Smoothies then look no further! The Green Smoothie Company’s 5 winner recipes are bundled in this eBook that is available now to everyone who would like to get started straight away and know that they are blending up some awesome Green Smoothies that will impress. This eBook is send via email so even if you are based elsewhere in the world this great little gem is still available to you!

More to follow

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