100% natural face and body scrub

Soda Bicarbonate face and body scrub

Sometimes I just like to share a non-Green-Smoothie related discovery with you. And this one is so absolutely simple, affordable and effective that I just have to write about it.

Do you struggle to find good skincare? I do, because I try to limit the number of toxins (aka chemicals) that I want to expose my skin to. So one of the things I have been looking for is a 100% natural face and body scrub. And you won’t believe that I have found it at my local Pick ‘n Pay! What is it you ask? Well I’ll give you a clue: you find it in the baking section and it costs next to nothing. It is soda bicarbonate!

Soda bicarbonate has a wonderful texture that is super fine, grainy and doesn’t dissolve in water. It is a super powerful scrub so don’t rub it into your facial skin for too long. Just for about 30 seconds or so. How? Well just mix it with some water. Let’s say about 50/50 water and soda. You can even add some extra ingredients such as honey or oats to give it an even better boost/smell/effect. But just the soda and water will do the trick already. You will not believe how soft your skin is afterwards!! Using this scrub once a week should be more than enough to keep those dull dead skin cells away. This simple, cheap combo will beat any commercial tube or bottle out there and the best is that it is 100% natural! Try it for yourself!

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